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Now you don’t have to be a Tree Hugger to start making a difference.

All of our stocks are recycled and can easily be upgraded to a higher level of recycled content.

Recycled vs. PCW recycled.  The recycled content of paper is the amount of product that has been repurposed.  This would include pre-consumer and post-consumer waste.

Pre-consumer waste is paper that is trimmed before the consumer receives it.  For example, when we print flyers or business cards, we print it on a large sheet.  Then when we trim out each piece, we end up with the scrap that is between and around each card and flyer.  That scrap, at our shop, is then sorted and sent back to the mill to be re-used as pre-consumer waste.  Unfortunately, most small shops cannot afford to send this material back and it ends up in a land fill as trash.

Post-consumer waste (PCW) is paper that has been purchased by a customer and sent back to the mill via a recycling program.  This paper is often mixed and may requires more sorting and processing to re-use.  That is the reason why it’s more expensive to buy paper that has a high level of PCW (post-consumer waste) content.

Recycled content is the combination of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste (PCW) combined.


Recycled Paper Products

We use Recycled paper on all of our business cardsPostcards, Flyers, Color CopiesManuals and More.


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